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Silva Béton is a contractor in formwork and concreting with over 35 years of experience in the field of cement. We offer our services across the Outaouais region, on both sides of the river: the Gatineau side and the Ottawa side. Whether you have a residential or commercial project, we have all the experience, equipment, and permits required to deliver high-quality products and service.

An experienced Business

Alexandre is the son of the late businessman Manuel Silva, who was well-known in the construction field and one of the founding partners of Fondations Silva & St-Pierre and Béton Amix. Alexandre was therefore introduced to different construction sites at a very young age.

At Silva Béton, formwork and concreting are more than just a job for us; they are a calling that has been ingrained in our roots for several generations. Here, we aren’t just a team, but a real family that is committed to the excellence of its projects. Each of our team members has several years of experience, so you can rest assured that nothing will be left to chance for your project and that everything will be done perfectly down to the smallest detail. By entrusting your project to Silva Béton, you get peace of mind and a job well done.


Do you have a construction or renovation project in mind (home expansion)? What formwork or concreting service do you need?

Formwork for footings and foundations

French drains and crushed stone

Concreting of all sorts

Windows for formwork

Concrete floors of all sorts and stamped concrete

Formwork for porches, staircases, and structural slabs

Styro Rail insulation products of all sorts

Foundation waterproofing (tar or Delta-MS membrane)

Foundation repairs of all sorts

Foundation plastering

Flatbed boom truck rental

Concrete supplies

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Silva Béton is undoubtedly the leading contractor in foundation formwork and for all concrete work in the Gatineau and Ottawa region. If you have a new construction or renovation project, whether it’s residential or commercial, contact us so that we can give you a quote for your project.

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